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Transform therapeutic approaches into new drugs to help patients with cancer, autoimmunity and inflammatory diseases.

Harnessing the power of scientific discoveries on galectins and their ligands to design and produce cutting-edge therapeutic strategies.

Promote access to regularly updated and validated scientific information, and encourage community engagement through outreach activities.

We are a biotech company that develops immunotherapies based on the modulation of galectins for the treatment of cancer, autoimmune diseases, and chronic inflammatory conditions, supported by the scientific findings of the research group led by Dr. Gabriel Rabinovich.

Throughout almost 30 years, our research group has built a deep knowledge about the central role of galectins and their glycosylated ligands in the immune system's homeostasis contributing to the identification of "Glycocheckpoints" as a new paradigm in immunotherapy. Our findings have been supported by over 320 scientific articles published in leading journals worldwide, resulting in multiple groundbreaking invention patents.


Translating discoveries based on galectins and their ligands into drugs for patients with cancer, autoimmunity and chronic inflammatory diseases.


Generate new therapeutic opportunities that improve people’s quality of life. We aim to establish connections between all stakeholders involved, from research discoveries to developments and clinical applications.

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